Everyone feels like family at this farm winery operated by three siblings in New Kent, directly off Pocahontas Trail. It’s a truly magical respite with an 18-acre private lake to one side and maturing vineyards on the other. Reserving a Lakeside Lounge Tent offers a dreamy escape on a private oasis, and wine-to-table service is complementary with your reservation.

What was once the Mikelaites Family Garden Center, a nursery by the lake, offers ideal terroir for grape growing, land gifted to the siblings from their parents, Joseph and Helene. Jolene Family Winery hand harvests its grapes, handcrafts its wines and bottles them with a hand-painted label affixed. Grape varietals Vidal Blanc, Norton and Chambourcin along with Chardonnay and Vasara excel in this mineral-rich soil. Don’t leave without taking home their flagship selection, the Family Red, a smooth and seamless Bordeaux-style blend. For a twist, try a slushie or savor one of the artisanal ciders made from heirloom Virginia apples.

2750 Pocahontas Trail
Quinton, Virginia
(804) 557-5316

[email protected]