An all-in-one farm winery and farm brewery await you in Talleysville at New Kent Winery, where wine enthusiasts and beer lovers come together for an unparalleled experience. The centerpiece among the 17,000 square-foot grounds is the winery constructed from materials recycled from buildings more than a century old. An inn adjacent to the property makes an overnight stay easy.

Every member of the Dombroski family from two generations plays a role in showcasing the vast selection of wines that have garnered multiple awards, including the Atlantic Seaboard Gold for its Meritage. The varietals here range from the white Norton to Chardonnay to Vidal Blanc and Cabernet Franc. The family embraces an Old World approach reflected in every bottle that’s uncorked.

8400 Old Church Road
New Kent, Virginia
(804) 932-8240

[email protected]